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Horticulture tools and equipments of Egypt

Horticulture and gardening is very important in Egypt and there are many tools which are used in this field. The type and quality of tools vary from country to country.

The tools in this article are all used for the gardening or horticulture and have a very high demand in the market.

Hand tools

The most important and necessary tools in horticulture or gardening are the hand tools. There are many hand tools that are used in a gardening or horticulture workshop.

Horticulture tools and tools used in workshops:

1-Hand Soap Dispensers for spraying seeds, plants, seedlings, soil, pots, etc. These tools are of very high demand in the market.

2-Dipping Bucket for soil watering or weed control in pots.

3-Soil Fork: A horticulture tool used for picking up soil from pots or the ground.

4-Soil Picker: An adjustable tool used to pick up soil.

5-Trowel: A tool for moving soil from one place to another place or from pot to the ground.

6-Shovel: A tool used for moving soil from pots to pots or from the ground to the pots.

7-Garden Roller: A special horticulture tool used for moving soil from one place to another place or from pots to the ground.

8-Garden Fork: A tool used for moving soil from pots to pots or from the ground to pots.

9-Culverts or Crop Irrigators: It is a tool used for moving soil from pots to pots or from the ground to pots. The amount of water in these tools can vary from 250 to 500 liters per minute.

10-Downdraft Garden Tiller: This tool can be used as a horticulture tool or an agricultural tool.

11-Hedge Trimmers: Hedge trimmers are used for trimming hedges and flower bed.

12-Garden Chipper: It is used for making compost out of leftover plants and vegetable.

13-Fertilizers or fertilizers: They are liquid or solid type of substances used to make soil more fertile and productive. Fertilizers are usually derived from animal or plant materials.

14-Cultivators: Cultivators or edgers are special tools used to trim hedges. They are also used to make garden beds perfect and tidy. They also act as weeders.

15-Irrigators: They are used for watering plants and vegetables.

16-Flower Seeds: These are the best for sowing seeds in a seed bank.

17-Potting Soil: It is a great horticulture tool for mixing the potting soil and planting mediums. The most important point is to avoid mixing water. If you mix water and soil you can get the risk of rotting of seedlings.

18-Grinders: They are used for processing seeds or plants.

19-Aerosol or Weed and Feeder: Weed and feeders are great for killing weeds and giving plants additional fertilizer.

20-Rakes: These are the best for removing grass from the garden or land.

21-Lawn Mowers: Lawn mowers are used for making a field neat and green.

22-Mulching: Mulching is the best method to enhance the health of plants. Mulching also prevents soil erosion.

23-Garden Wheelbarrow: Garden wheelbarrow are for transportation and loading large amounts of plants from one location to another.

24-Potting Wheel: It is a tool to turn the soil in pots or tubes.

25-Plant Beds: Plant beds are used for planting seeds for the next year. They help with the control of weeds.

26-Hoes: Hoes are used for weeding the garden. They are also used for digging trenches for fencing and planting trees.

27-Garden Fork: Garden forks are used for turning soil for planting. They are also used for cultivating plants.

28-Fertilizers: Fertilizers help plants with their nutrition.

29-Hand Trowel: Hand trowel is a tool for mixing soil for planting.

30-Gravel: Gravel is used for gardening, in particular it is used as a surface where plant pots will rest.

31-Plant Feeder: Plant feeders are used for feeding plants and insects.

32-Lettuce: Lettuce is one of the most widely used crops in the world. It is easy to grow and the amount of calories it contains are greater than most other crops. It has great health benefits too.

33-Mug Cakes: Mug cakes are for watering plants.

34-Potting Soil: Potting soil helps with a good and easy growing environment.

35-Potting Mix: Potting mix is for planting seeds in. It is very useful and saves time.

36-Stakes: Stakes are used for growing plants. They help in straightening the plants.

37-Trench Wheelbarrow: Trench wheelbarrow is a useful tool. It is also made from a wheelbarrow but it has the capacity to hold a lot more soil.

38-Worms: Worms are used for composting and turning soil. They are also used for feeding some plants.

39-Stump Grinder: Stump grinders are used for recycling old wood into pellets. The pellets can then be used for gardening.

40-Compost Bins: Compost bins are used for composting.

41-Pumpkins: Pumpkins are round-shaped and grow from the ground. The best way to keep pumpkins clean is by cutting them in half from the top downwards.

42-Wine Bottle: Wine bottles can be used for watering plants.

43-Bucket Pump: Bucket pumps are used for watering. They are also used for gardening.

44-Worm Tubes: Worm tubes are used for gardening. The best way to use these is by using soil instead of sand.

45-Stress Balls: Stress balls are for helping with relaxation.

46-Watering Bucket: Watering buckets are used for watering.

47-Plant Cages: Plant cages are used to make your plants grow well.

48-Lettuce Tray: Lettuce trays are used to grow plants.

49-Compost Tubes: Compost tubes are used to grow plants.

50-Vegetable Bag: Vegetable bags are used to grow plants in your house.

51-Drying Rack: Drying racks are used to dry plants.

52-Detergent Dispenser: Detergent dispensers are used to clean clothes.

53-Paper Towel Holder: Paper towel holders are used to hold towels.

54-Paper Cutter: Paper cutters are used to cut paper.

55-Clam Shells: Clam shells are used for growing shellfish.

56-Pots and Trays: Pots and trays are used for growing plants.

57-Plant Tray: Plant trays are used for growing plants.


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